SuperTuxKart 1.2

SuperTuxKart is a Free 3D kart racing game for Windows

SuperTuxKart is a racing game featuring many characters of the tux's family.
"Fun over realism" is the key sentence of the game: you can choose between various maps, for example, a canyon, an island, a subsea track, a volcano, etc.
SuperTuxKart is featuring 3 modes:
-Normal race: Grandprix (you play 4 or 5 races against virtual players: you need to be the first to unlock new tracks, new characters etc.) or Quickrace (choose a map, a character, the virtual players level and their number and you're in the race)
-Time Trial: try to beat your highscore by driving better than ever
-Follow the leader: Follow the leader as close as possible and every 30 seconds the player at the tail of the race is eliminated. Be careful, if you overtake the leader, you'll be eliminated instead of the last player! Make sure you're always following the leader but always behind him!
Got tired of the map and characters? You can click on Addons in the main menu to access to a free store where you can find many maps and characters to download.

John Static
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  • Fun and addictive
  • Active development


  • Online mode is yet not implemented
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